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  • The optimum cooling solution for plants
  • To save 25-35% of electricity cost for cooling
  • To protect the plants and increase lifetime of roofing sheets by 8-10 years
  • Have been tested and certified in accordance with ASTM standards of USA and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Solutions of heat resistance for your plant

04 / 01 / 2016

 “The NO.1 contractor of insulation paint in the North”

As we all know, most roofs of industrial buildings were made from steel wich is easily corroded by acid in rainwater and air. Besides, the weather conditions has become harsher and harsher with intense heat in summer, electricity price has been increased constantly so that energy costs for working, production, preservation of machinery and cooling line… are getting great. The issue of cost savings and working environment for employees has caused no little concern for business owners today. Phuclink is very pleased to share with you these issues.


  • Increasing durability of metal roof to 8 – 10 years
  • Against heat (reduce temperature of roof surface down to 25°C and reduce 5°C for plant space) thereby reduce 20-35% energy costs for businesses.
  • Restricting leak on the roofs, waterproof.
  • No impact on frequency of use of warehouses and factories during the construction.
  • Especially, with cost less than 1/2 the cost of roof renewal, type 4,7 to 5 Zem


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Images of checking directly on roof with temperature gun directed by Japanese leader of Synztec VN at Nomura industrial zone, Hai Phong.

As a company with many years of providing industrial construction and maintenance services for many factories in different industrial zones across the North, from Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hanoi … to Thanh Hoa, Phuclink is confident to bring satisfaction in services and construction quality for your enterprise.

Our company will appoint experts to advise you directly and look forward to the feedback from you.

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Construction process involves the following steps:

– Send technicians to investigate condition of roof surfaces.
– Have the technicians inspect, patch, and tighten the fasteners which lost zong, torn corrugated iron sheets, and 01 wave roofing.
thi công 1
thi công 2  
– Use a high-pressure water pump and rub to clean the sanding surface and rusty metal roof.
– Spray the first layer of InsuMax paint – to create a solid cohesion between the old layer of the sheet with the subsequent layer of paint.
thi công 3
thi công 4 – Spray one more layer of InsuMax paint for heat resistance, against corrosion by chemicals such as acids, bases … from rainwater and air.
– Reviewing overall site, cleaning and tidying up after completion.

Some pictures of the construction: 
thi công 5  thi công 6
thi công 7  thi công 8

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