• The leading heat insulation paint and roof maintenance service provider in Vietnam
  • The optimum cooling solution for plants
  • To save 25-35% of electricity cost for cooling
  • To protect the plants and increase lifetime of roofing sheets by 8-10 years
  • Have been tested and certified in accordance with ASTM standards of USA and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Look back on one year of development with insulation paint

31 / 12 / 2015


One year marks the official launch of Maintenance and insulation paint for metal roof service. Now, Phuclink is the No.1 contractor of insulation paint in the North.

Welcome event by 3 orders: Toto Vietnam, Sumiden Vietnam, Shints BVT Vietnam.

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sbvt sbvt_1

On 29/09/2014, after signing an exclusive contract, Neo Chemicals Co., Ltd had technicians go to Hanoi to assist Phuclink in the first project. After 1 year of service deployment, the painters of Phuclink have been trained and executed in a professional manner and met the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers.

Video includes images taken 1 year ago!

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