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  • The optimum cooling solution for plants
  • To save 25-35% of electricity cost for cooling
  • To protect the plants and increase lifetime of roofing sheets by 8-10 years
  • Have been tested and certified in accordance with ASTM standards of USA and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Phuclink has become the exclusive distributor of InsuMax insulation paint in the North of Vietnam

31 / 12 / 2015


In order to meet the increasing demand for plant maintenance of Enterprises and affirm its strong position in the industrial maintenance market, on 22/09/2014, Phuclink has officially become the exclusive distributor of InsuMax insulation paint and launched a new service package “Maintenance – Insulation paint for metal roof”.

After the two parties signed the agreement, the Manufacturer, Neo Chemicals,  also sent experts to Hanoi to transfer technology  as well as support Phuclink for the first project. Both parties worked together very effectively and successfully.

Officially becoming the exclusive distributor of InsuMax paint in the North from 22/09/2014 is the pride of Phuclink. We believe to offer the best solutions of maintenance and insulation which are Comprehensive – Economical – Professional for plant roofs of the customers.

If you have any questions about our services and products, please call Hotline: 0964.338.144, the professional sales team and technicians will consult and respond you with an enthusiastic and satisfactory manner.

Phuclink will constantly improve, innovate expertise and provide comprehensive maintenance services with slogan “To make your plant always ready!”.

(For more details on Maintenance and Insulation paint for metal roof service as well as the InsuMax paint, you can refer to Website: http://phuclink.vn/)

Wish you success and satisfaction with our maintenance services!

Information of the manufacturer:

Neo Chemicals Co., Ltd

Address: 18 Phu Hoa street, 7 Ward, Tan Binh District, HCM City
 Tel: 08-39716898 – Fax: 08-39712786
Website: http://neochemicals.vn/

0964 338144