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Satisfied with test result of insulation paint in Synztec project

31 / 12 / 2015


SYNZTEC VN Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of components for office equipment, audio-visual products and industrial equipment. The factory is located in the Nomura industrial zone, An Hung commune, An Duong district, Haiphong.


Philosophy of Japanese companies is focused on respect towards human. In addition to focusing on criteria of human training such as business method, working style, Japanese companies pay great attention to the working environment and the workers’ health. Besides, they appreciate the  innovation for a better, more convenient and more economical operation… As a 100% FDI company from Japan, Synztec VN has trusted and selected the “Maintenance and Insulation paint for metal roof” service of Phuclink.

During a visit to the construction site on 28/05/2015, Japanese leaders and technical staffs of Synztec did test the results of insulation and was completely satisfied with the service of Phuclink. Specifically as follows: at the time of 11:30 noon, the outdoor temperature is 42 degrees C; temperature of unpainted roof was measured as 75 degrees C; temperature of roof after being painted 1st layer is reduced to 51 degrees C and after being painted 2nd layer (1h30m after 1st layer), the measured temperature is only 46 degrees C, the temperature difference between unpainted and painted roof is 29 degrees C.

Nhiệt độ mái chưa sơn Nhiệt độ sau khi hoàn thiện

Images of checking directly on roof with temperature gun directed by Japanese leader of Synztec at Nomura industrial zone, Hai Phong.

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