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  • Have been tested and certified in accordance with ASTM standards of USA and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Test results for effectiveness of insulation paint at Panasonic

31 / 12 / 2015

 Dec, 07th 2015

Panasonic is one of Japan’s major corporations, leading manufacture throughout the world in manufacturing and developing civil electronics, e-business, and industrial electronics. Panasonic has been present in Vietnam since 1996, rapidly expanding business operations throughout the provinces of Vietnam, and now there are 6 companies with about 8,200 employees. Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd is the first 100% foreign capital company who acts with the role of management in Vietnam. In Vietnam, Panasonic is one of the most special enterprises focusing on social activities, education, and environtment. Improving the working environment of the employees is always set up as top goal.

Pansonic plants have been equipped with the heat resistant system including the ceiling plaster, glass wool insulation and central air-conditioning system. However, for efficiency of heat resistance and roof protection, and power consumption saving when cooling the plants, Panasonic has selected service of Maintenance and insulation paint for metal roof that Phuclink is implementing proprietarily across the North. Test results for effectiveness of insulation paint at a smoking room of the plant has convinced Japanese leaders as well as technical staffs of Panasonic on the service quality as well as labor safety that Phuclink provides.

kq thử nghiệm panasonic

Based on this result, Panasonic and Phuclink signed a contract for service of insulation paint for metal roof in the area of plant phase 1 and phase 2 in 2015. Here are some photos of the construction at Panasonic at Thang Long industrial zone, Hanoi.

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